Silly Little Things

Choose from a selection of small mechnicl toys to create to learn more about simple automata.

In a 1 day class we will work with a selection of paper, cardboard, found cardboard shapes, wire, fibers, paint and pastels to create simple humorous projects and learn about how the mechanism can be used in a variety of ways for future projects.

In a 1 day class with a pre dried paperclay cat face as part of the class kit students can create and paint the licking cat automata in the colors of their choice.

 2 day class students may sculpt parts of their own on day one and then finish an individualized project the next.

Student supplies will include utility scissors, exacto knife, ruler, wire cutter, pliers and paint brushes for any # of days. More detailed lists provided when a class is selected

Class kit will include technique sheets, patterns and various supplies for class use. Clay can be added for longer classes. More info on customizing the kit avaliable.

© Kathryn Walmsley 2013