Full Body Sculpt in Creative Paperclay

What if you sculpted the whole 8 or 9" doll in paper clay?

Working over wrapped wire or found object armatures we will explore lots of ways to use this wonderful clay to create characters of any type you like. Students can make their own concept or work from project suggestions given in class.

We'll learn how to roll out clay and drape it like cloth, cut fancy edges, use press molds & add parts on to the main sculpture.

Refining the sculptures, sanding, priming, painting and embellishments will follow either in handouts and demo's for short classes and hands on for longer classes.

Students will need to bring sculpting tools, exacto knife, hat pin, picture or illustration references, and painting supplies.

Class kit will include various handouts, clay, wire, wrapping, glues, gesso and other supplies for class use. 

Cabbage head

These days I prefer to teach in paper clay even though there are some delays due to the need to get the clay dry before projects can go forward with sanding, painting and assembly. 

It is a really big help if there are one or preferably two ovens in the class room. Even better ones with a convection setting. If I can drive to your location I'll bring a food dehydrator which really helps with drying, if not perhaps a student has one we can use. If the class is 2 or more days students can take their sculptures home at night for a low temp baking in their home oven to speed drying and be ready for the next day.

I have taught this as a polymer clay class often in the past. I'm willing to do this still but have the following reservations for you to consider.

First polymer clays vary a lot between types and between batches of the same brand. Bad batches happen too.

Borrowed ovens to bake the clay are unpredictable and burning of student work when the oven insists on heating with the top element is a real possibility and most upsetting to me and the whole class.

At this point I would prefer that students provide their favorite polymer clay, one that they have used before and know is fresh and a good batch.

If you feel confident that you can round up a reliable, tested with baking polymer clay oven or two then I won't worry so much! 

We can do polymer clay full body sculpt in 1 day but 2 days is much more fun and allows for hair and bits of clothing. These figures are about 8"

© Kathryn Walmsley 2013