Teaching Schedule

I'd love to help you learn a few of my tricks & techniques. To Schedule a class for your group visit the Workshop page for more information.

Where I'll be teaching in person 

 Some classes may still have room for you!  

John C Campbell Folk School      Sculpting Character Heads in Paperclay,   July 20-26, 2014


Artistic Figures in Cloth and Clay   The Big Bang 2 day,  How Do You Do That  1/2 day. April 25-28, 2013

Classes Online

If you can't make it to a class in person I'll be teaching these classes online, more to follow. 

Visit the sites to sign up. Classes usually last four weeks with signup allowed until the end. 

Summertime fun with Lolly Pop and Peekaboo    www.aforartistic.com     Class starts August 8, 2013

Bewitched Pop Up Puppet   www.aforartistic.com    Class starts September 25, 2013

Up On the Rooftop   www.aforartistic.com   Class starts November 6, 2013

Man in the Moon   www.aforartistic.com   Class starts January 15, 2014

There are several other classes of mine up on Dollstreet you can sign up for any time.

Hand, Hand,  Finger Thumb   All about sculpting hands

Full Body Sculpt    Sculpting the entire figure in polymer clay

Many of my classes have now been converted to a pattern format

 They have step by step in great detail along with process pictures often 100 or more in a class. Contact ME for purchase with  with Paypal.  

A partial list

Flip Flop Fly Art Doll to Art Quilt   This class starts with a digital image or photo of a doll of mine, yours or any image and details everything involved in making it into an art quilt. Includes designing digital textile and making art Quilts.

Animal Pull Toys   Learn my method of creating animals in Creative Paperclay® and making fanciful wagons for them to ride on, includes, armature, sculpting, painting and embellishing.

Baby Battina Automata  Make a simple mechanical automata, includes design process, class kit and more!

The Secret of Cloth Body Design  Learn a neat way to design patterns of any shape you want, figures in motion, geometrics etc. 

Guerilla Mold Making  Everything I know about making wax, five minute sillicon, two part and plaster molds. Wax and Sillicon have step by step tutorials, 2 part and plaster are overviews with help on learning more.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb   Learn to make hands in several types of clay, in many sizes, with and without armatures and holding objects.

Before the Fall a very special Humpty Dumpty   An all time favorite 21 inch cloth Humpty Dumpty featuring a Trapunto face and all necessary printable patterns. 

Molly Lou Springflower  Turn about class with Creative Paperclay® clothing, cloth head and found materials for embellishments and limbs.

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