Photo Collections

In the Vegetarian collection you'll find  Personifyed Vegetables.

 Click Kolrabi to visit his friends and neighbors. Click the picture to see a larger photo.

Animal Magnetism is where you'll find my animal friends personified and not!

Click  Camel to visit his mates! click the picture for a larger photo.

 Click  Bee Queen to visit the Human Kind collection of images. Click the picture for a larger photo.

Mechanical, not marvels but I've had fun. Click on the Blue Bird & Her Fairy to see more. click the picture to see the larger photo.

Everything Else that defies classifiation. Click on the Blue Bird of Happiness to see more flights of fancy. Click the picture for the full size image.

Commissions are always welcome. Most of these images are One of a Kind. Call or email to discuss what I can make for you or visit my Etsy site to see what's there.

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