Molly Lou Springflower

This is a turn about class using Creative Paperclay® to make the clothing instead of the doll! ! She has a cloth head and found materials for embellishments and limbs.

This class is the most fun done in 3 days.

Working over a pressed fiber cone we start with creating paperclay clothing and sculpted shoes.

While the clay dries we'll create a cloth head , paint the features and needle sculpt the face.

We'll prepare the stick arms and legs and select from various possibilities for embellishing the clothing.

Repairing, sanding and painting the body of the sculpture is next, then painting and embellishment.

Assembly complete with hair and fiber embellishments completes the project.

Class kit will  include fiber cone, clay, cloth for the head and technique sheets.

Student supply list will include sculpting tools, roller, palette, exacto knife, hat pin, other hand tools, bits of fiber and trim for embellishment. A complete supply list can be sent.

© Kathryn Walmsley 2013