This is a partial list of workshops I would love to come and teach for your group. Please call or email for more information on schedule dates, daily rates & travel expenses. click the class title for pictures & info on class length, kits and supply lists. 

Something special in mind... just call for a proposal for your group.

Shake, Rattle and Roll with Creative Paperclay© A great exploration class for all types of artist in the use of this amazing clay. Make a relief tile sampler incorporating pressing, embossing, extruding, crimping, sculpting, painting and embellishment.

Sculpting Character Heads in Creative Paperclay©  Focus on sculping heads with expression. Explore the work of artists, illustrtors and live models to learn to project the emotion you want in your own scultures.

Flip Flop Fly Art Doll to Art Quilt   This class starts with a digital image or photo and details my process for making it into an art quilt. Work with an photo of your own doll or favorite image.

Animal Magnetism   Learn my method of creating animals in Creative Paperclay® as stand alone characters or riding fanciful wagons. Includes designing, armature, sculpting, painting & embellishing.

Silly little Things  Choose from a selection of small mechnicl toys to create to learn more about simple automata.

Baby Battina Automata  Make a simple mechanical automata, includes design process, class kit and more!

The Secret of Cloth Body Design  Learn a neat way to design patterns of any shape you want, figures in motion, geometrics etc. 

Guerilla Mold Making  Everything I know about making wax, five minute sillicon, flexible two part and plaster molds. Make Flex Wax and Sillicon molds in class. Overviews on flexible two part molds & plaster molds in class demo and handouts.

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb   Learn to make hands in several types of clay, in many sizes, with and without armatures and holding objects.

Before the Fall a very special Humpty Dumpty   An all time favorite 21 inch cloth Humpty Dumpty featuring a Trapunto face and all necessary printable patterns. 

Molly Lou Springflower  Turn about class with Creative Paperclay® clothing, cloth head and found materials for embellishments and limbs.

Full Body Sculpt in Creative Paperclay©  Design a character, construct an armature and sculpt the figure in clay. Learn to roll out clay and drape like cloth! Complete the project with sanding, painting, pastels, colored pencil & textile embellishment.

Costume Party Bring a ready to dress figure to class and explore my methods of design, fitting, finising & embellishing clothing. Tips for simple successful pattern design and some of my patterns included!

 Quilt & Craft Apron  Create an apron to wear at home or take to workshops that folds up into a tote with all your supplies stored safely inside in custom designed pockets. If you have limited work space at home the apron can store all your project supplies and tools for crafts, quilting or sewing and when folded slip into a drawer or hang on a hook in the closet.

Cabin Fever Cure Come to class with 12 left over quilt blocks, vintage or your own and explore ways to break all the rules and use them in a new way. I used log cabin blocks but other blocks of the same or different types work too! They do not have to all be the same size!

© Kathryn Walmsley 2013