My New Website

My new website, created on my new iMac is finally finished and showing up on the web! I waited and waited not realizing that I needed to clear all those browser catches! Silly me.

I should tell you about this embroidery which I chose as the picture for my blog. I did this embroidery in about 1972. It was done on the back of a grey denim jump suit for a friend and has now been cut out and framed.  It was a design I found in a very old book at the library back then. 

This is the cover of the book, portfolio really of loose pages with all kinds of wonderful line drawings of designs and borders. I have been fascinated  by this book all these years and wish I had a copy of my own. I only have a few tracings of designs that I made at the library in 1972. Even then I was only allowed to look at the book not check it out.

I searched this online and just missed a chance to buy one last November, I think it was on German Ebay.

I thought my embroidery was perfect for my blog titled Daydreams in Cloth and Clay, since it was a preview of the interest I'd have in sculpture and all things textile. The embroidery was done in DMC  floss with 3 strands, mostly satin stitch. Things were so simple back then.  Now I have boxes of amazing types of  "string"  to embroider  and embellish with.

© Kathryn Walmsley 2013